How does BinarBase make data ready for use?

Have you wondered why everyone talks about data these days? And why should it be the driving force of your business just now? Everything we do, if we want to admit it or not, is influenced by data in a certain way. Look at your phone, reflect on your daily behavior, daily activities. Your car generates data based on which it can predict your driving habits. Do you do online shopping? Do you get personalized offerings? That’s probably because the retailer can form them based on the information you give out.

Now, back to the business world. Imagine you can insert data into one common platform that will automatically generate graphs, analytics, customer behavior in a minute, so you can form decisions. Is it that simple as it sounds? We think so, yes. Do you need any additional tech stack for that? We don’t think so. 

What’s the secret sauce then?

Announcing BinarBase

BinarBase is basically home for your data. It is more than just a data intelligence platform that gives you stunning graphs as a result. Our focus has always been on providing the easiest and the most understandable solution for everyone. BinarBase delivers actionable insights in a few seconds and it is basically just a one - click solution for your business. 

The surprising hook behind the platform is called a semantic layer. It is a business representation of data that comes from a technical implementation layer maintaining business logic, structure or hierarchies. Simply said, it provides an easy look at the data to business users. People who access it don’t just get some random tables but instead, a list of fields that is arranged into so-called “folders”. It is a bridge between business intelligence and artificial intelligence as it leverages data for prescriptive and predictive analytics.

Why do we need a semantic layer?

If you happen to work in a large organization, it is impossible to have a single platform for data analytics. Data appears in data warehouses, on cloud, data lakes, applications but there is no unified channel that would bring them all together. BinarBase does exactly this. We take your data and thanks to the semantic layer we accelerate data access and make it user-friendly for everyone to use. If you want to stay on top of the game with modern data integration, you should consider using a platform that contains semantic layers. 

In addition, when you do not have the capacity to train people on how to use similar data analytics platforms, you might as well consider this: semantic layer was developed to make things simple and intuitive for business users by taking away the complexity of the data source, reducing costs and allowing information to be understood by everyone. 

In the future blog post, we will talk more about our topic and about our personal journey with product development. Stay tuned.

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