You need to have an experimentation mindset to build an innovative product.

The biggest innovations of history emerged from enterprises taking action based on customer feedback and their product reviews. One small idea can trigger another one that can develop into a successful project loved by many. But sometimes experimentation is the heart of innovation and even if you may associate it with a failure right away, it does not have to be your case. With Binarbase, we appear somewhere in the middle - trusting and believing in experimentation but when you have a team of people you work with, experimentation must often be brushed aside.

Hitting the right nail on the head

The idea behind starting BinarBase was purely logical - we felt that our customers were missing one unified tool that would turn their incomprehensible results into something they would understand and could use for their business activities. We also had an idea to work with data on a deeper level and based on the market analysis, we found this could be the right spot to hit, especially after the pandemic. Not only did we do that, but we also created a sort of magical tool that everyone, without their previous knowledge in data engineering, could use. It’s a success! 

We have gotten to a phase where we were developing a lot of custom data solutions and applications but our customers were missing the application analytics. We either had to create something ourselves or use PowerBI for that. After a while, this was getting too cumbersome to deal with and realizing we had all the resources to make a product that would fit customer needs and our expectations, we decided to experiment by creating something of our own. For the first time we put ourselves into a challenging journey like this but it seems it is starting to bring the desired utility. 

How did the product development go and what did we use to move from each milestone we set? 

Lean Product Management

Lean is more than just being creative, it’s about doing the right things at the right time. It requires an application of lean thinking into the product strategy and development. You have to align all the product strategy, KPI’s, needs into one single to get rid of the personal bias. We can say that lean product management is about: 

  • prioritization of customer needs before your company needs, 
  • data-driven experiments over your assumptions, 
  • brainstorming, idea generation and teamwork. 

By adapting the customer first approach, we developed a product unique in so many ways: we filled the gap between client needs and our entire team of developers. 


Jobs -to -be -done represents the perfect blend of agile methodology and lean startup that truly helped us create a product you love. Saying you love instead of we love is very important in this context because once we realized it’s not actually us who will be paying for the tool, we got our hands on development. Always put yourself in the shoes of your customer - you have to look at the solution in terms of jobs your customers are trying to get done. You buy a quarter-inch-drill not because you want it necessarily but because you want a quarter-inch hole and that is different. Give your customers what they want and what jobs they want to have done. 


Which came first: The chicken or the egg? 

The same goes for data and information. Data always comes first, information second. Do you know what a Knowledge Pyramid is? Well, each step up the pyramid gives you answers about initial data and adds more value. The more we cherish the data, the more knowledge and insights we get out of it. The same goes for BinarBase. If you bring your data into BinarBase, your data get the love they deserve and you get more knowledge and insights out of it. It’s only up to you to turn the knowledge into an experience that drives more actions. 


We love incorporating data in our lives. Experimentation is a crucial part of innovation, especially if you work in a startup environment where everything is kind of fluid. You need to brainstorm a lot before you come up with how you are going to create MVP. There is a lot of experiment runs and testing before you release the actual MVP. B These are just some of the approaches we took when crafting the MVP and our new data intelligence platform. 

How do you tend to go with your development process? Let us know in the comments. If you have any questions about our unique tool BinarBase, do not hesitate to contact us.

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