How BinarBase helped Salibandy with customer segmentation

How BinarBase helped Salibandy with customer segmentation

Salibandy is a Czech online store that sells floorball equipment, providing customers with everything they need to enjoy this fast-paced sport. The company's mission is to provide high-quality equipment to floorball players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. As Salibandy continued to grow, they faced a challenge with managing their data across various platforms. They had an e-commerce website selling their products, as well as social media accounts, and customer relationship management (CRM) software. They needed a way to consolidate all their data to get a better understanding of their customers and their behaviour. That's when BinarBase came in.

The challenge

Salibandy struggled with data management. They had data spread across various platforms which made it challenging to get a comprehensive view of their customers. They lacked insights into customer behaviour, such as what products were popular, and how frequently customers made purchases. They also struggled to keep track of customer segmentation and engagement and if their cooperation with influencers is working or not. Still using probably the most traditional way of storing data on a piece of paper, they took very long to make one unified decision in a short period of time.

Why BinarBase?

Instead of developing expensive tailor-made data tools, Salibandy opted for BinarBase. We successfully connected all data sources and A.I. was able to find dependencies. Thanks to the semantic layer & knowledge-base, Salibandy didn’t need to hire data engineers and could reach its KPIs faster. The platform consolidated all data into one place, providing them with insights into their customers and their behaviour. With BinarBase, they are now able to analyze data with ease.

"We chose BinarBase because we knew that setting up any business intelligence tools for our company would result in more chaos. We ultimately needed a reliable business partner that could speak our language and that was BinarBase." CEO of Salibandy


The process of integrating all data sources into BinarBase took around 14 days (for the easier data sources) and for the complicated ones, it took  6 weeks to get it all done. We are still adding more sources to make it as easy to work with as possible. The main data connectors for Salibandy were Upgates, Facebook, Instagram, Raiffeisen bank and now we are integrating other sources as they are satisfied with the results.

"The very best is the fact that as a company owner I understand all complex data translated into simple language. Thanks to that we are not throwing money away for analytics, expensive tools, hiring data analysts, but can do most of the work on our own. Saving time and being able to make fast and impactful decisions was a complete game changer for us." CEO of Salibandy


Salibandy has been experiencing a data transformation since the very first integration of their data sources. Now, they are redefining their sales, marketing strategies and are working towards new customer retention techniques. In BinarBase, they can see customer segmentation, analyze what types of posts perform the best, have a complete overview of their influencer marketing partnerships and see what posts generate the most orders. They can easily analyze the impact of influencers on their revenue and know what type of call-to-action buttons to use in their social media posts to generate the best value.

What is more, they are now able to expand their offerings abroad and add more products and services to the table. The biggest challenge was to put all the vast amounts of data into one unified tool and instead of tons of windows  open on their computers and hundreds of papers, they only use one login to access everything they need.

Thank you Salibandy for trusting us and we are beyond thrilled to see more of what the future holds for your e-commerce business. If you're struggling with data democratization and want to gain valuable insights into your customers and their behavior, consider BinarBase. 

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