Unlocking Your Data Potential with AI.

Simulate thousands of data analysts to meet your needs. Gain actionable insights within minutes with minimal effort.
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Generate results 10x faster

The BinarBase no-code platform forever transforms the world of analytics, the way business insights are created with analytics and consumed by stakeholders. All without a single line of code and tech knowledge, powered by AI.


Connect your data

Drag and drop your spreadsheet, connect data sets, sources or third-party apps to one unified platform. No technical set-up required. We make it easy to track and analyse all of your data, no matter where it comes from.


Confirm meaning

We make sense of your data by cleaning it, organising it, and adding context. Semantic layer adds meaning to your data, making it easier for business users to understand. We help you get an accurate view of what it represents, so you can make informed decisions.


Discover possibilites

Explore your data in a visually engaging way, using interactive graphs and exploratory data analysis. Simply tell us what you want to know, and BinarBase will automatically generate answers for you based on your data.


Create dashboards

Create custom dashboards by combining charts and graphs that are important to your business. Dashboards provide intelligent reporting and actionable metrics, so you can take strategic actions. You'll have everything you need to make your next big decision with confidence.


Data work made surprisingly simple

No code data intelligence platform

BinarBase platform & technology solves complex analytical problems at a fraction of the cost.
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No previous tech-knowledge needed

BinarBase AI engine retrieves valuable insights in seconds from any data set. It simulates thousands of data scientists working for every client and provides hidden value from the data.
Fast results

Easily-understandable and fast results

Built for users who don't want to spend hours producing meaningful outcomes. Focus on the important tasks now.
Explorative analytics

Data exploration going beyond your data needs

BinarBase exploration feature brings the desired insights to companies in a user-friendly way, with simple connectivity but without any technical knowledge needed.
“It’s fascinating that you can get answer to any question you ask in the app. BinarBase was the best decision we’ve made to drive valuable insights for our business.”
Darko Ban
Co-Founder & CEO, TapGest
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