Designing METRICS for your Business Excellence

Stop getting lost in the data - automate your reporting, apply new generation Virtual CFO or get a 360° view of your business to support immediate growth and business performance. Powered by AI.
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Hundreds of data sources

Easily connect financial data, customer data and third-party apps to our unified platform. No complex setup required. Effortless tracking and analyzing all your business data, driving informed decision-making and growth.


Setting up right metrics

We transform your data into a usable format. Our semantic layer infuses meaning into your data, making it readily understandable for business users. We provide you with a comprehensive view of your business performance, enabling you to see areas for improvement and optimize operations.


Identify & automate

Identify patterns in expenses, revenue streams and cash flow trends to gain a deeper understanding of your financial health. Understand customer behavior, including purchase patterns and payment cycles. Track key metrics to assess your startup's progress and make data-driven adjustments to your strategy.


React & grow

Effectively manage cash flow by predicting future fluctuations ensuring you have adequate funds to meet business needs. Predict customer churn and take proactive measures to retain valuable customers. Optimize operational efficiency by identifying wasteful processes and implementing automation solutions.


Power up your data to work

Data-driven approach to P&L statements

Use your P&L data to compare your performance against your previous periods, your budget, your industry benchmarks.
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Financial controlling & management

Insights into expenses, revenue streams and cash flow trends. Make informed decisions and optimize your financial performance.
Fast results

Sales funnel efficiency

Identify bottlenecks, optimize customer journeys and enhance conversion rates. Streamline your sales process to maximize revenue and drive business growth.
Explorative analytics

Data success for start-ups

Simplify sales funnels, monitor marketing campaigns and enhance operational efficiency to secure funding and achieve sustainable growth.
“We understand all complex data translated into simple language. We are not throwing money away for analytics and spreadsheets, but we are saving time and making fast and impactful decisions.”
Dušan Tarčák
Founder, HCG, s.r.o.
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