An overview: New BinarBase features you can't miss

Automatic dataset annotation, efficient time saving, onboarding and more.

Hello automated data labelling!  

Very recently we've added a feature that helps to understand your data through artificial intelligence. When you upload a new data set into BinarBase, the technology understands what your dataset contains and automatically generates descriptions to your columns. It's an effective solution for time consuming manual annotations as it generates more relevant analysis. Automatic dataset annotation enriches your dataset and augments the work of humans to save resources on data labelling.

Better app navigation with onboarding 

For everyone trying data intelligence for the first time, be sure not to skip the onboarding process. Learn to upload a data set, check if we correctly defined meanings in your dataset and start exploring. What's even more cool, you can ask questions about your datasets, find cross-connections among them and create beautiful dashboards. 

Pin to dashboard

After your log in to the app, you immediately see a pinned dashboard with KPI's and metrics of your interest. Have all the necessary information available at any time and don't stress when the reporting meeting comes.

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